Pasture Board for Retired Horses

Mulberry Farm is a tranquil seventy acre farm located in beautiful Chatham County, North Carolina. There are nine lush pastures ranging in size from two to ten acres. There are also seven smaller paddocks of various sizes. All pastures and paddocks offer relief from the elements through either barn access, or a stand-alone shelter. The winters are mild, with little snow.

Thirty years of experience
The owners of the farm, Frances and Dave Haman, have been boarding horses for thirty years. Frances spent many years eventing and competing at hunter and dressage shows. They bred Hanoverians for fourteen years, and have specialized in boarding retired horses for the last fifteen years. Since the farm is also their home, someone is around at almost all times. All horses at Mulberry Farm receive lots of regular attention and care.

Horses are happiest when grazing alongside other horses
At Mulberry Farm, we strongly believe that horses are healthier and happier when in the company of other horses. We prefer to have horses out grazing and roaming about, rather than standing in a stall for the majority of the day. 

For horses that are not used to lush grass or a twenty-four hour turnout, we can gradually transition them through the use of stalls and small paddocks. Many of the retirees at the farm are former show horses and lived in stalls most of their lives. Most adjust easily to the change in lifestyle and become content when allowed to spend their days as horses were naturally meant to live. A barn with stalls is available, should a horse require temporary stall rest.

Horses at Mulberry Farm live in small groups, with two to five horses per pasture. Each horse has their own feed bucket and access to fresh, clean water at all times. We feed premium Progressive Feeds and high quality orchard grass or orchard grass mix hay.

Although we specialize in retirees, we also board young horses not yet in training, a limited number of horses that are ridden regularly, as well as lay-ups.